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My name is Jeff Fitchett. I'm a tech enthusiast and a full-stack web developer

I discovered my fascination and passion for computers at a young age. I'm pretty much always on one, either playing or creating. It was only a matter of time before I started learning how to code. Over some number of years, I learned how to code in html and css, but it never really satisfied my craving for problem solving. I picked up javascript to try and fill this void, but it still wasn't enough. From there, I decided to dive in deep and expand my knowledge of different programming languages. Now, I program in typescript, angular, ruby, and rails. In the future, I plan on adding even more languages to my repertoire. Technology is awesome!

Languages I speak...

My projects

and a little about my work

While I'm a relatively new developer, I have worked on a few projects. During a programming boot camp, I had the opportunity to work with local employers to develop apps as part of a team. My favorite project was an online multiplayer board game with an angular front end and our own custom rails api back end.

These are a few other personal projects that I've created to practice certain concepts, or just to have fun. I'm always excited to finish a project so I can start the next one. I certainly have no shortage of ideas for things I'd like to create.


Table Top LFG - A group finding social media app built for gamers. An all-in-one platform for finding/organizing groups of players for any tabletop game. Boardgames, card games, rpgs, and more!

(in development, no production build available)

Another To-Do App

Just another basic to-do app built using angular for the frontend and ruby on rails for the backend. This was created to hone my skills in important programming concepts.

(in development, no production build available)

Ruby Arena

Welcome to the Ruby Arena! Fight to the death in honorable combat in this text-based game built entirely with vanilla Ruby.

(in development, no production build available)

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